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NJ Girls Sports Site

soar-nj homepageOne of my favorite sites is www.soar-nj.com which is a news and sports website devoted to covering High School Sports in NJ. It has a dedicated team who came out of the newspaper industry and this is their first venture into Internet Publishing.

The site design came together quickly, the choice of colors and design was left largely to me and the client Sandy liked what we did. To be fair it had to be the colors it was and because of the great photography by Karen, pictures needed to figure strongly in the design.

 This site is loaded with features. It has the full news article layout with many different promotional panels. Take a look at the front page and the variety of navigation aids that help a visitor find what they need. Also the attention to detail in the various icons that promote the sports.

The site is primarily funded by contributions and advertising which is why some space has been reserved for the banner, promotional and text adverts. These work well and are now totally supported by the soar-nj.com team. The same team also administer all the content, photography and videos. They have become so confident that as webmaster I have little to do except be there for occasional problems.

The design did have some challenges, because of all the sports and collages who play them, we needed some way of linking both players, sports and institutions. We did this by creating tags for the various categories. So now by searching on a specific player, school or sport it is possible to get all the relevant articles.

soar-nj copyrighth-checkWe also integrated the photography site Fucito so visitors can buy copies of all the featured photographs. This was a custom integration providing a live window into the selected section of the Fucito site. Again to protect the copyright of the photographs, we have implemented a bar on using the conventional copy and paste. This displays a warning message if anybody tries top copy an image.

Although the site does have links to the common Social Networks, we look forward to better linking it to Facebook so visitors can more easily link to their pages.

So go visit www.soar-nj.com check out the fantastic well written articles and the spectacular photography. This truly is one of my most rewarding website designs.

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