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St Josephs Heathcare System

Under Contract with Medical Missions for Children we re-designed the St. Josephs Healthcare System website. The was a full migration from an old version of Joomla and involved a complete redesign and transfer of content. Significant new features were:

  • New Mobile Aware Template
  • Searchable Video Library to the latest html5 standards for seamless playback across all platforms
  • New Navigation and efficient category
  • New Homepage design and multiple regional landing page designs
  • Extensive tools for displaying promotional articles and linking thought the site
  • Integration of micro-sites and facility applications

This whole re-write took almost six months from conception to sign off by the St. Josephs Health System board and has achieved a high level of acclaim and support from the hospital staff.

 Tholdstjoee original website was an early example of a Joomla site and had a lot of custom parts which no longer integrated well into the current Joomla framework. As a result the site had become impracticable to keep the joomla core up to date or add new content. In additions some of the core features such as the video section no longer supported many types of playback devices such as Apple products.

newstjoe The new site is based off a single dynamically controlled template custom designed to provide a similar look to the original but with enough "smarts" to meet the demands of a modern website. It now has a "Home" position on the main menu and provides "Breadcrumbs" so anybody arriving at the website through a link can rapidly see where they are and navigate accordingly. The SEO of the new site is beginning to make a difference to the clients rating and visitors can now search all the content of the site, including videos, through the single search box.

Check out this great website and example of our work. If you want to talk with the site owners we can supply references.

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