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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does SEO stand for? The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization but by now it’s not only about search and engines anymore. We use this term to cover everything done to ensure you get found on the Internet and to make sure that your visitors convert towards becoming your customers.
  2. What are Organic Search results? These are the natural search results derived from the search engine without anything being paid for placement. Sites like Google list these organic results in the main results area. Paid placements are placed alongside but clearly annotated "advertisement". Most users are more likely to trust and click organic results.
    A site that has good organic placement is likely to be more stable in its long term search engine positions, with less likelihood of position changes due to new algorithms.
  3. Why do I get so many e-mails from companies promising to place me number one on Google? Funny we get these as well. They are almost always a scam. There is no way to buy number one placement on Google, but there are companies out there that try to trick the engines to place highly, it can be done for some obscure search phrase that would not normally be used and extraordinary efforts can raise your ranking but in our experience these quick fix companies will lock you into a contract then leave you no better off. Like any scam, they give the industry a bad name.
  4. Why is my site not showing up in the search engines? There can be many reasons a web site doesn't show up, or display well, in search engines results. If the site has been active for some time the search engines will have found it and indexed it. So it will be there then finding it becomes more a task of finding the right search phrase to get the results on the first few pages. If you do not "find" your site, check further down the results or chose a key word search that is more specific to your site. In desperation use the site URL because that should always yield a result.
  5. My site is ranked well and I am number 1 in local places but I do not get any business. This is quite common, most of the SEO has been successful but the visitors are not being converted. The most likely cause is not having clear next steps or a call to action that visitors can clearly see and use. Or you may not have an appealing message to visitors. This is a case where you need to look at the website statistics and how they are measuring up against your business objectives.

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