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Get Started with SEO

You found us, now let us help others find you

If you want the benefits found from using good SEO techniques then let’s review what’s involved and help you decide how best to move ahead.

Any SEO service should provide:

  • Help in the form of research and options to help you decide what the goals for your business are and how they link to the SEO process. This should include an overview of your competitors and what your customers may want.
  • A determination of the right keywords and phrases that are appropriate for your business and what your customers are likely to use to find you.
  • Help selecting and editing your sites content in a way that uses the keywords without becoming annoying or unreadable and not at the expense of providing value or understanding to your visitors.
  • Regular reports that detail your sites performance and show how well the modifications or changes are working. This should also include recommendations and ongoing changes.

You should not be asked to pay for:

  • Submitting your site to the search engines or adding tracking code to your site. This is the webmasters job and should have been done at the site launch.
  • Automated reports dressed up to look custom. This includes the Google Analytics report.
  • Long term contracts



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