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Search Engines 101

Mention Search Engines and most people think of Google which is by far the most popular option in the western world. There are hundreds of different search engines out there and many specialist engines for specific markets. Setting up a website to be effectively searched by engines is a vital part of a websites design, miss out this step and nobody will be able to find you. Think of the search engine as the modern equivalent of the telephone directory or yellow pages, except it is free.
When somebody is looking for something on-line most people will type an appropriate search phrase into Google and look for the results. If your business comes up on the first page of Google, then you have a chance of getting them to visit your website. Unlike the phone book, you cannot easily pay for a bigger advert or preferential placement. Google and the other search engines have strict fairness rules and oversight. So if somebody tells you that they will put you on the first page of Google they are probably scamming you.
There are fair ways of ensuring you get your rightful ranking in the search results, particularly if you are a local business. Use this section to see how you can do this yourself for free and how we help small business manage their search engine optimization.

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