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Social Media 101

Social Media works for your business in the same way word of mouth does, it's just that the words are now permanent and available for all to see. This means all that is good about your business will share center stage with all that is bad, the best you can hope is the good far exceeds the bad. But beware, the modern Social media savvy user will not find a business that is all good plausible.
So the first step in any Social Media strategy is to have something to say. That something needs to be worth telling or it will not be shared.
A close second step is where to share your message. If you are a formal somewhat commercial business, then LinkedIn may be your best start. Whereas a more informal business or in any way philanthropic, then Facebook will be your choice.
The third step is deciding how often to say anything. This will depend on the moment, but generally LinkedIn is more like weekly and FB several times a week.
The fourth and last step for beginners is measure your success and adapt. Basically try things and see what works. If something does not work try to understand why rather than repeat it. Similarly if something works don't relax and keep using it because it will go stale.

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