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Why Buy Support?

Continually fine-tuning your website and keeping it up-to-date needn't be hard labor – all you need is a back-up team. Our experienced and professional website maintenance and support team will make any of the following changes to your website quickly and cheaply:

  • Add or Update Web Pages
  • General Navigation Changes
  • Image Changes
  • Create/Modify Forms
  • Highlight Specials or Promotions
  • Copy Writing
  • Seasonal Styles
  • Website Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Security Upgrades
  • Backup/Restore Website
  • Multimedia Content
  • Online Marketing
  • Graphic Design

Since the MHP Web Design philosophy is to produce a website that you, the owner, can maintain and update content we do not need to charge you a high monthly fee for maintenance of your site. We do offer a range of maintenance options to help keep your site up to date and operational. We suggest you pick one that meets your business or skill level. Additionally if decide not to have a regular contract we will still provide you support and maintenance as an hourly service.


For a MHP Web Design Content Management System we recommend periodic upgrades to include the security and service upgrade of the Joomla core. These typically occur at six monthly intervals although if the need arises a security update can be released at any time. For all customers under maintenance we will upgrade your site so it is always up to date and when we perform an upgrade we will fully test the site and perform any additional configuration resulting from the upgrade to keep the site fully operational.

Outside of the core upgrades a MHP Web Design site owner should be able to maintain the content of the site themselves and add new pages or menu options whenever needed. We recognize that some owners do not have the time or desire to do this and so we include two additional levels of maintenance where we will take care of content upgrades and additional growth.

Remember that included in your MHP Web Design package we will provide you with a fully documented backup of your site along with any licenses of purchased software. This will be contained on a DVD delivered for you to keep. We also will provide a fully documented backup of your site in the form of a mirror site (excluding Bronze Package) which you can use to try out new content and menu changes. These steps allow you to experiment with new ideas without putting your site at risk and transfer maintenance and support of your site to any other competent webmaster.

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