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Website Hosting

Web hosting has become a commodity and prices have fallen to reflect this over provided resource. First lets bound what we mean by web hosting in the context of the average small business. A website needs a unique way of being found and a place to store the website site information. The URL or domain name identifies the sites location rather like a telephone number identifies an individual phone. In the internet world this URL is hosted by a Domain Name Registrar, an accredited organization who informs the whole web how to find your website. The website content is stored or hosted on a server which has a complicated address shared with the Domain Name Register. In order to host a website these two parts are required and need to be correctly configured. These same rules also control how e-mails are routed.
Many web hosting services provide a bundle for the Domain Name, Server Hosting and e-mail. This simplifies management but can cost a little more. In contrast many web developers offer to provide a complete solution by bundling hosting into their site development. Beware of this approach because the person who obtains and registers the URL own it. Do not let your website developer register your URL because you may find they have control over your web business and may frustrate you trying to move to another developer.
We recommend customers register their website name themselves and so keep control of this vital business identity.

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