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male_headhotA head shot is a photographic technique where the focus of the Photograph is a person's face. A head shot is essentially the same as portrait but is just the head which should portray some aspect of their character or their essence. They are frequently used for identification, used to promote business and position and have a special place in the modeling industry.  As a form of identification, a head shot is a front-on (facing straight at the camera) photograph, with the face being the center of the picture and containing minimal or no surroundings.

The facial expression is usually neutral. Many business people use their head shot to reflect their character which normally requires a more specialized background and dress to re enforce their desired message. Actors or models and other entertainers often are required to include a head shot, along with their resume, when applying for a job. These head shots are usually more artistic, intended to portray the subject in the best possible light.

If you are new to being photographed we often take a head shot at the beginning of a session as a way of introducing you to the studio and to “break the ice” . We will experiment with different looks and positions offering advice and encouragement. Then we will take you to the viewing area to see how you look. This is often a brutal way of seeing the reality of your picture but as you see the improvements of our counseling and appreciate the features of t\your personality appearing on the screen your confidence will build ready to tackle anything we can put you through.

actors_headshotWe guarantee that you will absolutely love your head-shots by getting your approval every step of the way, doing an "instant re-shoot" for each set-up, and by continuing to shoot until you are satisfied. The end result will be a photograph that is more than just what you were wearing with a face, but a suspended moment that is a window into the unique you.Capturing your personality is my job as a photographer, this will get you noticed over the rest.

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