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Let us help you sort out the complex world of the web. We will work with you and your staff to review all your on-line and Social Media investments then rate them against your business aims and ambitions. We will deliver you a written report that helps characterize and rate your on-line presence, next we will list our recommendations for achieving your short and medium-term goals.

A successful on-line presence is typically centered around the main company website and uses Social media, Testimonials, product reviews and advertising to find and feed perspective clients to the main site. Well ranked, performing websites need to be relevant to a visitor search query. If someone searches for something on say Google and is offered your website, then it is critical that your website delivers some satisfaction by containing something that is close to what was being asked. This is a critical first step in building a relationship with the visitor. Fail here and the game s over for that visitor.

Websites also need to pass technical muster. The technical standards and accepted content norms for content are really driven by the search engine companies because their ranking is critical to how visitors find you compared to your competition. Google has many hundreds of factors which affect how they rate a website and their list is constantly changing as they try to keep ahead of the spam sites. We recognize that no website will ever be perfect but also that the websites that get it mostly right will get the best results. We have a check list of best practices to the accessibility, usability, content, key-word and SEO.

We start our analysis with the main website, we review its key features which include:

  1. First Impressions, brand messaging and promotion
  2. Technical design and use of standards
  3. Navigation, usability, and device compatibility
  4. Site content, keywords, and SEO
  5. Site ranking, backlinks and use of Google
  6. Social Media penetration and presence

We will invest the time to quantify these features and give examples to support our analysis. At the end of each section we will include improvements or suggestions and where practicable projected results.

Remember there is no quick fix for any on-line performance and no guarantee of performance, but there are solid proven practices that will give results when applied correctly and over time. Beware of those who “guaranteed first page on Google and thousands of visitors to your site”. Just as in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.




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