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Many businesses or organizations recognize the importance of having an effective on-line presence but lack the time and expertise to make the necessary changes. For some clients, a one-off review and set of recommendations is sufficient to get started and make the change. But this does not help a busy group that wants to get on with running their business. For these clients, we offer an ongoing package that starts with a planning process to capture and characterize their business and on-line presence followed by a sustained period of coaching. Our Planning and Coaching packages are scalable and designed to help a small to medium business, a startup through to a large not-for -profit organization.

We can deliver this set of packages in person at your business or on-line by a combination of shared desktop, telephone and Skype.

  1. The process starts with a short free one-hour session to establish your needs and see if we are a fit for your business. Assuming that goes well and you decide to purchase a package our next step would be to do some homework on your business and prepare for the first formal step:
  2. We will hold a kickoff meeting to deliver the results of our analysis then discuss your current projects and future aspirations. Consider this a detailed brainstorming session which then prioritizes your needs to fit the purchased package. We will also discuss potential strategies in this first session so we can get a feel for what you're comfortable doing and what your strengths and reservations are.
  3. We will build an implementation plan specific to outcome of the kickoff meeting. This will be a working outline that includes an overall strategy, detailed steps to implement and recommendations for what and how you can reach your customers online. We will also identify metrics you can use to assess whether or not these changes are working. This will include helping you set up an internal reporting format.
  4. During the implementation phase, we will schedule regular progress meeting to jointly discuss progress, track open issues and complete the necessary goals. These will continue thought the assignment. Written actions and meeting notes will be provided and we will be available for support as needed during regular business hours.

At the end of the process we will complete a final report and any recommendations for the future.


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