Websites today for me and most businesses is a key part of our marketing activities, in that much like a high street shop window to any passers-by, if you get their attention or interest i.e. in website context via relevant search terms within Google, or other major search engines then great, you've caught their attention and hopefully built on their existing need more than they originally thought and then they're likely to come in a browse further. If however they walk past that same shop window the following week/month and it's the same old stuff which they've already seen before,…
Let us help you sort out the complex world of the web. We will work with you and your staff to review all your on-line and Social Media investments then rate them against your business aims and ambitions. We will deliver you a written report that helps characterize and rate your on-line presence, next we will list our recommendations for achieving your short and medium-term goals. A successful on-line presence is typically centered around the main company website and uses Social media, Testimonials, product reviews and advertising to find and feed perspective clients to the main site. Well ranked, performing…
Many businesses or organizations recognize the importance of having an effective on-line presence but lack the time and expertise to make the necessary changes. For some clients, a one-off review and set of recommendations is sufficient to get started and make the change. But this does not help a busy group that wants to get on with running their business. For these clients, we offer an ongoing package that starts with a planning process to capture and characterize their business and on-line presence followed by a sustained period of coaching. Our Planning and Coaching packages are scalable and designed to…
Your online web presence is likely to be a valuable resource and a crucial asset. Your reputation with clients and the search engines like Google can be quickly destroyed from a successful hack attack. It is now a fact of life that whatever you have connected to the web will be under attack from automated systems looking to make use of your resources for their own profit. People often ask why would anybody want to hack my website? The answer is because your website can be made to work for the hacker by providing a convenient free place to launch…
Google is a powerful influence and a big provider of web services. They provide a wealth of tools to support and monitor your website. These range from tools that track your visitors to services like GooglePlus which provide you a free business listing and rating service. Even better news, these tools are totally free. Website Tools These website tools provide you with the data you need to make smart business decisions about your website. With the right tools and reports you can quickly see what is working and what needs attention. When used with marketing campaigns good website analysis will…


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