We were asked by one of our clients how much we would charge to make a short fundraising promotional video to aid in a fund raising event. Of course we would not feel comfortable charging to help a fundraiser so this was all done pro-bono!

This production had the added complexity of needing to be done in less then two days be in Spanish and have Spanish sub-titles. We arranged the time, hoped it would not rain and set about making a short interview style clip outside the food pantry. We then moved in and asked the staff to help us by explaining on film what they were all about and how people could help.

We walked away 35 minutes later with over 12 minutes of good footage which needed editing in Spanish down to out target of 3 minutes maximum. We did our best making a rough cut and then called up our bi-lingual assistant for help position the edit points within the sentences to help stitch together a short but powerful narrative.

Then we had to get the sub-titles to work and be correct. Well with a lot of help from for translations and a final QA pass we had the completed video available on the afternoon of the show.

It all worked, several hundred dollars were raised, not bad for a single Sunday evening!

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